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  2. Wolf Creek


1,01 / 10 - (7989 Oy)
Wolf Creek

An anthology series which centers on different characters being targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor in the Australian outback.

Dram Suç Aksiyon & Macera


Matt Day


John Jarratt

Mick Taylor

Tess Haubrich



2. Sezon

Sadistic pig hunter Mick Taylor sees an opportunity of a lifetime after a chance encounter with a coach full of tourists from around the globe. The unwitting travellers begin an outback adventure none of them could have imagined.

1. Sezon

An American family's Australian vacation takes a tragic turn when sadistic serial killer Mick Taylor targets the tourists. College student Eve is the lone survivor after Taylor attacks the family in the Outback. Determined to avenge the deaths of her parents and younger brother, Eve sets out to hunt down their killer. She vows to bring the perpetrator to justice or die trying.

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