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Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under HBO tarafından yapılmış bir televizyon dizisidir. Türkiye`de CNBC-e tarafından yayınlanmıştır. Dizinin 63. ve son bölümünün yayın tarihi 1 Temmuz 2007'dir. American Beauty’nin senaristi Alan Ball’ın senaryosunu yazdığı dizi, bir cenaze evi işleten ve bu evde yaşayan Fisher ailesinin yaşantılarına dair bir kara mizahtır. 2003 yılında En İyi Drama Dizisi dalında Altın Küre ödülü alan yapım, 2005 yılında 5. sezonuyla ekranlara veda etmiştir. 2004 Altın Küre'de iki ayrı dalda aday gösterilip Frances Conroy ile Televizyon dizilerinde en iyi kadın oyuncu ödülünü almıştır. Aynı yıl Screen Actors Guild Awards'da (Conroy ve tüm casting ekibi ile) iki ödül almıştır. 32 kez Emmy adaylığı alıp 7'sini, 8 Golden Globe adaylığından 3'ünü kazanmıştır.


Set Ekibi

Alan Ball
Scott Buck
Alan Poul
Jill Soloway
Bruce Eric Kaplan


Peter Krause

Nate Fisher

Michael C. Hall

David Fisher

Frances Conroy

Ruth Fisher

Lauren Ambrose

Claire Fisher

Freddy Rodríguez

Federico Diaz

Mathew St. Patrick

Keith Charles

Rachel Griffiths

Brenda Chenowith

Justina Machado

Vanessa Diaz

James Cromwell

George Sibley

Tina Holmes

Maggie Sibley


5. Sezon

Everything. Everyone. Everywhere...Ends. Story elements established in the first four seasons reach a series of emotional climaxes, with Ruth overwhelmed by her mentally fragile husband George, Nate struggling to reaffirm his relationship with Brenda while raising his daughter Maya, David and Keith longing for children of their own, Claire trying to broaden her horizons, and Federico attempting to fill the void left by Vanessa. By season's end, all will come to embrace the cycle of life—birth, death and rebirth—in ways that are both unique and interconnected.

4. Sezon

There’s a new family order at the Fisher & Diaz funeral home. Although one spouse is gone, another has moved in, ushering in changes for better and worse. For Nate, Ruth, David and Claire, every day above ground is a good one. With Ruth remarried and Nate spiraling out of control, the Fishers struggle with the latest losses and additions to the family, whose dismembered pieces never seem to add up to a healthy whole.

3. Sezon

Thanks to the financial contributions of their mortician, Federico, Fisher & Sons has become Fisher & Diaz, and the Fisher family members face major adjustments as they open a new chapter in their professional lives and personal relationships.

2. Sezon

With owner/patriarch Nathaniel Fisher no longer alive (except in the hearts and sometime visions of his family), his survivors — wife Ruth, sons Nate and David, and daughter Claire — continue to cope with the tricky business of looking to the future while being constantly reminded of the past.

1. Sezon

As prodigal elder son Nate Fisher returns home for the holidays to news of his father's death, the family must learn to deal with the death of one of their own—while figuring out how to go ahead with the business of living.

0. Sezon

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