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New Girl

Jessica Day is an offbeat and adorable girl in her late 20s who, after a bad breakup, moves in with three single guys. Goofy, positive, vulnerable and honest to a fault, Jess has faith in people, even when she shouldn't. Although she's dorky and awkward, she's comfortable in her own skin. More prone to friendships with women, she's not used to hanging with the boys—especially at home.


Set Ekibi

Zooey Deschanel
Jake Kasdan
Peter Chernin
Elizabeth Meriwether
Brett Baer
Dave Finkel


Zooey Deschanel

Jessica "Jess" Day

Jake Johnson

Nick Miller

Max Greenfield


Lamorne Morris

Winston Bishop

Hannah Simone

Cecilia "Cece" Parikh


5. Sezon

4. Sezon

3. Sezon

Jess and Nick go "all-in" on their romance, but soon realise that loving and living together will be tougher than they thought. Schmidt finds himself in double-trouble when he dates Cece and Elizabeth at the same-time. Unlucky-in-love Winston makes a special-connection... too bad it's only with the roommates' new house-cat.

2. Sezon

The romantic tension between Jess and Nick escalates in the hilarious, quirky second season of New Girl - but will they ever hook up? Meanwhile, Schmidt fails to be hip, Winston isn't "prepared" for a hot date and Nick faces a death in his dysfunctional family.

1. Sezon

After her boyfriend cheats on her, quirky teacher Jess moves in with three freewheeling bachelors, who have plenty of issues of their own.

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