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Hap and Leonard 2. Sezon

When the duo are cleaning up recently deceased Uncle Chester's dilapidated house, they uncover a dark little secret beneath the house's rotting floor boards—a small skeleton. Hap wants to call the police. Leonard, being a black man in east Texas, persuades him this is not a good idea, and together they set out to clear Chester's name on their own. The only things standing in their way is a houseful of felons, a vicious killer, and possibly themselves. Season two is based on the second book in the series “Mucho Mojo”.



James Purefoy

Hap Collins

Michael Kenneth Williams

Leonard Pine

Florida Grange


The investigation comes full circle, and the guys seek revenge for past transgressions.

Hap and Leonard go undercover at the carnival and attempt to stop the culprit, with the help of an unexpected ally.

Hap and Leonard 2. Sezon 4. Bölüm - Bad Mojo

Hap and Leonard deal with the repercussions of their crimes, and stumble upon a violent secret.

Hap and Leonard 2. Sezon 3. Bölüm - Holy Mojo

Grisly new evidence leads Hap and Leonard on a wild goose chase across town. The guys' passions flare, threatening to derail the investigation.

Hap and Leonard 2. Sezon 2. Bölüm - Ticking Mojo

The guys uncover more clues about BB.

Hap and Leonard 2. Sezon 1. Bölüm - Mucho Mojo

Hap and Leonard make an ominous discovery under Uncle Chester's floor.

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