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Elizabeth McGovern

Cora Crawley

Maggie Smith

Violet Crawley

Hugh Bonneville

Robert Crawley

Michelle Dockery

Mary Crawley

Laura Carmichael

Edith Crawley

Jessica Brown Findlay

Sybil Crawley

Penelope Wilton

Isobel Crawley

Jim Carter

Mr. Carson

Phyllis Logan

Mrs. Hughes

Brendan Coyle

John Bates

Joanne Froggatt

Anna Smith

Rob James-Collier

Thomas Barrow

Lesley Nicol

Mrs. Patmore

Sophie McShera

Daisy Mason


Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 12. Bölüm

Return to the world of manners with Alastair Bruce, Downton Abbey‘s historical advisor. Featuring exclusive interviews with the series’ leading cast members such as Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery, this documentary navigates the social protocol of aristocrats and servants in the 1920s and the age of jazz.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 11. Bölüm

Mary endeavours to build bridges with her sister while Edith’s secret continues to pose a threat, despite having nothing left to lose. As Henry settles into the role of husband and stepfather, finding his place at Downton proves more difficult. Below stairs, Carson faces some personal challenges, which prove that even he is not invulnerable to change.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 10. Bölüm - Text Santa 2015

Lord Grantham is looking for the right Father Christmas for the Abbey and it’s a highly sought after part as those who turn up for open auditions include Sir Bruce Forsyth, Gordon Ramsay, Gok Wan, Brenda Blethyn as Vera, Jim Broadbent, Michelle Keegan and Warwick Davis.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 9. Bölüm - The Manners of Downton Abbey: A MASTERPIECE Special

Enter the world of Edwardian manners with Alastair Bruce, historical advisor to “Downton Abbey.” Bruce and the series’ leading cast members explain how they re-create the authentic etiquette of aristocrats and servants.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 8. Bölüm - Text Santa 2014

It’s Christmas at Downton and Lord Robert Crawley seems to be facing financial ruin once again. He’s beginning to wonder if his family may be better off without him but divine intervention in the form of a very special heavenly body gives him a view of what life would really be like without his guiding spirit.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 7. Bölüm - Downton Abbey Rediscovered

Hosted by Bernadette Peters, this is a special to review the first 4 seasons of Downton Abbey and explore whats in store for Season 5.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 6. Bölüm - A Moorland Holiday

It's grouse shooting season and Rose’s father-in-law, Lord Sinderby, has rented out Brancaster Castle in Northumberland and invited the Crawley family to a shooting party. While good sport is enjoyed, Stowell has an axe to grind and a scandalous secret threatens to undermine the holiday. Surprises are in store as the families become better acquainted with each other and some new faces arrive on the scene.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 5. Bölüm - The London Season

It's summer and as part of Rose's 'coming out' she is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The family are in London, preparing Grantham House for the busy social program.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 4. Bölüm

Savor fond memories from the past three seasons of “Downton Abbey” and get a tantalizing taste of the upcoming fourth season. Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon — a devoted fan of the series — hosts the program, which includes a mix of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with creators and cast members, and video clips of favorite moments.

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 3. Bölüm - A Journey to the Highlands

The family receive a warm welcome at Duneagle Castle when they visit Rose and her parents in the Highlands. But there is no disguising the tensions between their hosts. Back at Downton, Carson is determined to keep the servants working hard, but with a country fair coming up, will some be tempted to push their luck? Could romance be on the cards for Mrs Patmore?

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 2. Bölüm - Christmas at Downton Abbey

As we return to Downton Abbey, the household is bustling with all the Christmas preparations. But, there's tension in the air between Sir Richard Carlisle, Lady Mary and Matthew... And, Bates' trial casts a dark cloud over the festivities. Will he be found guilty of the murder of his wife?

Downton Abbey 0. Sezon 1. Bölüm - Behind the Drama

The cast and creators of the award-winning drama series tell the story of the show from the inside. The actors talk exclusively about their characters and the gripping storylines, giving the audience a real insight into the romance and conflict portrayed in the series. There is also behind-the-scenes footage from key locations - the historic Ealing Studios in London where the 'below stairs' scenes are shot and the fabulous Highclere Castle in Berkshire, site of most of the 'above stairs' scenes. Plus there is a look at the filming of the dramatic opening of the second series, set during the Battle of the Somme and shot on location near Ipswich.

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