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  2. Blue Mountain State


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Blue Mountain State

Three incoming freshmen attending Midwestern college football powerhouse Blue Mountain State must quickly adapt to college life and juggle football, girls, classes and nonstop hazing.


Set Ekibi


Darin Brooks

Alex Moran

Alan Ritchson

Thad Castle

Frankie Shaw

Mary Jo Cacciatore

Sammy Cacciatore

Ed Marinaro

Coach Marty Daniels

Denise Richards

Debra Simon

Omari Newton

Larry Summers

Kwasi Songui

Coach Jon Jon Hendrix

Donnie Schrab

James Cade

Harmon Tedesco

Meghan Heffern

Football Player


3. Sezon

Blue Mountain State follows the on and off-field antics of college football powerhouse, Blue Mountain State. In season 3, Coach Daniels will have his authority challenged when the boosters force him to hire a hotshot offensive coordinator/head coach-in-waiting. While Alex will have to step up from being a fun-loving second-string to the starting QB.

2. Sezon

The nastiest sacks in college football are back in a new season of balls-out comedy. Whether they're guzzling beers, hazing cheerleaders, kidnapping mascots, or crippling opponents with low blows, The Blue Mountain State Goats come ready to play hard and party harder.

1. Sezon

Nothing is out of bounds in the first season of this SPIKE original comedy. At the center of the action are the Blue Mountain State Goats, the team with the nastiest sacks in all of college football. With a freshman lineup that includes a backup quarterback who’d rather party than play, a star running back who can’t score with the ladies, and a team mascot who redefines "personal foul," will they be able to juggle football, girls, class and nonstop hazing?

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