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2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon



Kat Dennings

Max Black

Beth Behrs

Caroline Channing

Garrett Morris


Jonathan Kite

Oleg Golishevsky

Matthew Moy

Han Lee

Jennifer Coolidge

Sophie Kachinsky


As Max and Caroline's road trip misadventures continue, their lack of money finds them stowing away and waitressing on a riverboat to New Orleans as Max tries to reach Randy in Texas. Back at the diner, Oleg and Sophie rake in big bucks when they sell pony rides with Chestnut.

When Randy and Max get tired of Caroline being the third wheel on their FaceTime dates, Randy sets her up with one of his co-workers. Also, Oleg is distraught when Sophie tells him to trade in his beloved car for a minivan.

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 8. Bölüm

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 7. Bölüm

The girls take a bartending class to add cocktails to their menu; Sophie creates a creepy lookalike video monitor doll to keep tabs on her baby.

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 6. Bölüm

Earl becomes concerned he may not be able to keep up when his long lost sweetheart, Pilar, visits from Cuba, and wants him to take her sightseeing around the country. Also, Max must decide whether it’s time to take her texting relationship with Randy to the next level.

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 5. Bölüm

When Caroline and Max are invited to speak about their business at Caroline’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, Max takes the opportunity to give Caroline the college partying experience she never had. Also, Oleg’s attempts to bond with baby Barbara are rebuffed by a possessive Sophie, and Han practices his magic tricks with a reluctant Earl as his assistant.

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 4. Bölüm

Oleg and Sophie’s plan to have Max and Caroline as Barbara’s godparents is derailed when Oleg’s domineering mother, Olga, arrives from the Ukraine for the baby’s baptism and fires Max and Caroline from their godparent duties.

Max and Caroline’s plans to attract a more sophisticated clientele to their dessert bar take a turn when Max befriends a bouncer whose team of arm wrestlers becomes their latest patrons. Also, Max and Randy continue to text each other, but when she runs out of sexy messages to send him, Oleg offers to be her ghost writer.

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 2. Bölüm - And The Two Openings: Part Two

When Sophie goes into labor just before the Dessert Bar’s grand opening, she demands that Max and Caroline be present for the birth. Also, the girls run into problems when they don’t secure a liquor license for their new venue.

2 Broke Girls 6. Sezon 1. Bölüm - And The Two Openings: Part One

As Max and Caroline, now part owners of the diner, put the finishing touches on their newly converted Dessert Bar, Max deals with the aftermath of her recent breakup with Randy, and Sophie and Oleg prepare for the birth of their baby.

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